Jimmy Yu

Jimmy Yu

Vice President

The Dell’Oro Group’s Telecom Equipment Market report is a compilation of the findings of seven research programs we track, including:

Within each research program, greater detail on a quarterly basis is included on items such as vendor revenue, share by segment, shipments, average selling prices, and highest sales regions.

The purpose of this report is to give the reader a high-level overview of the manufacturers selling into the global service provider market space that Dell’Oro Group tracks. However, the figures in this report are pulled directly from their respective research programs and may not represent only sales to service providers. Additionally, the report does not show the manufacturers’ entire company revenue as reported, which may include other equipment (such as demarcation devices, software, and services).

This report publishes figures on a trailing four-quarter period and the manufacturers listed in the top 15 will change depending on their revenue performance during each reporting cycle.