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Shin Umeda

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The advent of the software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) has entranced the telecom industry. Based on SDN and NFV technologies, SD-WAN has been endorsed by numerous large service providers as they strive to expand their enterprise service portfolios. The combination of a large number of SD-WAN vendors mixed with the ease and relatively low risk of deployment, plus the promise of new services revenue, have lead service providers to the first wave of SD-WAN adoption.

Additionally, the number of technology and business trends in recent years have placed increasing performance, cost, and operational pressures on the traditional MPLS WAN connection service providers sell to enterprises. Traditional WAN connections were designed to support static and centralized applications with low bandwidth requirements.

As enterprises migrate to Cloud-based services, and the growing use of video and mobile technologies, increased bandwidth requirements have changed WAN traffic patterns, traditional WANs have become more costly and difficult to operate. This has led enterprise users to consider lower-cost business Internet connections that offer significantly more bandwidth than a MPLS connection.

Our SD-WAN Report aims to track this dramatic, new trend across multiple technologies and analyze the emerging trends as adoption happens. We take a holistic view of how technologies, operations, and business models are evolving as SD-WAN takes hold.

The report answers such questions as:

  • What technologies are SD-WAN devices replacing?
  • What are the long-term financial implications for service providers as SD-WAN displaces their traditional revenue sources?
  • How fast are enterprises adopting SD-WAN?
  • Which traditional equipment vendors are dipping their toe into the SD-WAN pool?
  • How big is the SD-WAN market and what will be the catalysts and inhibitors to growth over the next five years?

The report also includes a 5-Year forecast on the worldwide SD-WAN market as well as a discussion on the participating suppliers.

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