Shin Umeda

Shin Umeda

Vice President

Cloud services have taken the world by storm, and the number of data centers required to deliver these services is expanding at unprecedented rates. Cloud service providers are interconnecting their data centers with an array of networking technologies to form Data Center Interconnect (DCI) networks.? However, because DCI does not have a specific technical definition, the networking industry has taken to include any number of technologies and products, some of which are complementary and some of which are competitive.

Our DCI Advanced Research Report aims to provide a framework for the networking products used to interconnect the data centers that form the cloud. Our team of senior analyst has collaborated with their expertise and insight on a broad range of networking products to discuss the technology trends within the framework and to create a five-year market forecast based on this framework.

Our DCI framework includes two perspectives to forecasting the DCI networking product market.? In the first perspective, we look at DCI as the combination of three network types: Optical Transport Networks, Data Center Core Networks, and Wide Area Networks (WAN).? We describe the use cases for these networks and forecast manufactures revenue for the equipment deployed in each of the network types.

For the second perspective, we forecast manufactures revenue by each of the major products categories, regardless of the network in which the equipment is deployed.? The product categories we include are Optical Transport systems, Ethernet Data Center switches, and Service Provider Routers.

The report addresses question such as:

  • Which technologies and products are being deployed for DCI?
  • Where in DCI networks are the different products used?
  • Where in networks will cloud providers replace routers with switches or vice-versa?
  • How big is the market opportunity for the products used in DCI networks?

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